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Yusjib Industrial Medicare is a global leader in patient diagnosis and management, healthcare professionals in industrial medicine where we offer medical management in both preventive (Health Education & Screening) and curative (Therapeutic) ways, and point of care services with the experts knowledge required in the treatment, monitoring and evaluation of patients and corporate bodies.

We offer comprehensive solutions designed to improve clinical outcome, streamline workflow and enhance operational efficiency of patients and corporate organizations.



Yusjib Industrial Medicare® is a World affirmed Hospital that is positioned and rendering medical management in all area of medical practice. This is made possible with an optimum commitment of our specialized medical practitioners. The hospital is also a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) accredited facility in both Primary and Secondary categories (Surgery, Internal Medicine, Paediatric and Child Health as well as Obstetrics and Gynaecology). Read more

Dr Yusuf Abdulraheem,



He is a renowned Physician and Public Health Specialist with special interest in Industrial Medicine. The Medical Director, Yusjib Industrial Medicare is an astute professional manager across different managerial fields and able to demonstrate strong clinical expertise with proven ability to examine, investigate, diagnose and treat patients. Read more

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